Reception Year

Grade R

In Grade R at La Rochelle, our focus is to prepare our learners for Grade 1 through play. We place emphasis on fine and gross motor skills, phonics acquisition, and a solid understanding of numbers. Grade R encourages creativity and imagination through artistic activities. Music, dance, and drama are integral parts of our curriculum.

Each week, we either engage in cooking and baking, or show and tell. During our cooking and baking sessions, the little ones have the opportunity to experiment with various flavours and textures of food. They also acquire life skills, such as being able to make their own sandwich. During show and tell, we help our learners to speak with confidence by sharing news with their fellow classmates.

We expose our learners to various sports such as netball, hockey, athletics, and swimming. Grade R is an opportunity to build a strong foundation for a lifelong learning journey and to prepare children for success in their educational careers. It is wonderful to witness how our little ones grow physically and emotionally and transform into young ladies!