Culture coordinator

To develop all learners holistically, our school offers all Grade 1 to 3 learners free group tuition in Recorder as part of our school’s curriculum. At the beginning of Grade 1, each learner is issued with a soprano recorder and a book which they use until the end of Grade 3.

Learners also have the choice to receive instruction in the following instruments in the InterSen Phase for a minimal fee: violin, piano, keyboard, recorder, guitar and flute. When a learner receives individual music instruction, they are also taught the theoretical aspects of music. External examinations for which the learners are prepared are, among others, UNISA and Trinity.

La Rochelle Girl’s Primary School also offers every learner – from Grade 1 to 7 – the opportunity to audition for either the Junior Choir (Grade 1 – 3) or the Senior Choir (Grade 4 – 7). For the past 2 years, the Senior Choir has been the winner of their relevant section for which they entered at the local Eisteddfod.

Every four years, our school presents a musical (or a “musical”) in which all the learners – from Grade R to 7 – take part. The musical serves as an example of what our school offers on a cultural level to all the learners.


La Rochelle has two choirs:

  • Junior Choir (Grade 1 – 3)
  • Senior Choir (Grade 4 – 7)


In each grade a maximum of 3 girls are chosen in the English as well as the Afrikaans classes.