La Rochelle Primary

La Rochelle Primary

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In 1860, Mrs Hugo (born Du Buisson) established a school for 40 girls and young ladies.

In 1872 the school was taken over by Prof and Mrs Jan de Villiers. Now with 200 pupils, Jan Orrelis taught music while Mrs de Villiers was the headmistress of the Ladies Seminary. Tuition was in English with French and Dutch being two of the subjects.

In 1913, the school became known as the La Rochelle Girls' High School. The name means "the small rock" and is a reference to one of the fort cities of the French Huguenots.

The changing of the name caused some sadness amongst teachers and past pupils, but the aims of the school were kept intact. (Head, heart and hand have an equal place in the education of the young girls.) An interesting fact is that gradually Dutch was replaced by Afrikaans and the girls enjoyed their literature classes even more.

The school song was written by Jan FE Cilliers and composed by ML de Villiers in 1922 and in 1923 the school badge was brought into being.

In 1938 the Primary School was separated from the high school and officially opened in March 1938.